3 Main WordPress Blog Profitable Elements

It’s exciting to have your own WordPress blog. It’s easy to write and to make a big difference by only blogging about what you enjoy, and then generating revenue for your blog.

One of the greatest issues with a WordPress blog is that thousands of people get excited and finally leave. The explanation to stop is different because they don’t know what to say, they can’t get high-quality traffic to their blog. Unfortunately, these people are giving up too early because they will be able to build a lucrative blog that generates high-quality traffic and making it money by merely following a series of directives and improving their WordPress blog with some key elements.

But to clear up stuff a bit before you, whether your blog doesn’t make enough or you don’t understand what to write for – follow up and incorporate the main elements that I can share with you first. So don’t know what you need to write about. They would help you build a more successful blog that drives traffic more quickly and will fill your bank account more quickly.

#1: Study, Planning, and Implementation

A popular and productive blog on WordPress is first of all based on proper analysis, content planning, and action. If you wish to post top-quality search-optimized content on the web, it is very important to follow the steps in this order.

The first move is to make a few investigations. See what people in your niche talk about. Open a paper of excellence or even a plain notepad. Copy your thoughts and paste them here – The competitors’ URLs chat in your niche about various subjects. Your niche headlines. You can locate in your niche some content or facts. If you’re given a few suggestions, open a study tool with the keywords you can target, such as Google’s Keyword Planner. Find competitive keywords for a wide range of searches per month.

You should begin planning your own content next. You must offer high-quality and original content to your blog followers – and this is also a necessity when it comes to search engine rankings. You don’t want to imitate what someone wrote—you just need to use it as a study and inspiration to plan your own material. Use the suggestions you received from rival sites and the keywords you gained when researching keywords and include ideas for new topics.

You may find, for example, that several rival bloggers talk about a new dietary pill as you target the weight loss niche. Now just do some keyword analysis, choose a focusing keyword to this new diet pill — the keyword may be general and not specifically addressed to a particular diet pill or you can pick a new keyword that targets the diet pill directly. Examples of the latest diet pill include “XYZ Diet Pills,” a general keyword that can be targeted for “diet pills,” or a real name for “Xyz Diet Pills” may be targeted. You will also use the knowledge collected during the study to help you write a new, special and original report.

You should start taking steps after you have done your homework and finished the planning process. Begin to write your articles according to your planning and post them on your blog.

#2: Optimization of the on-page search engine

Optimizing the search engine is an integral part of the search engine ranking of the website. The only way to push traffic from organic search engines to your website is to spend thousands of dollars on paid ads per month. And the good thing is – you should optimize your search engine, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on companies to do that for you. You just have to plan for your SEO every day and you can see outcomes before you can.

SEO is a crucial aspect of your rating on the page. Before starting building backlinks and SEO off-page for the website, it is also very critical to take proper care of your on-page SEO.

This method includes researching keywords and optimizing the material so that to contain keywords and, if the contents that you have are quite extensive (1500+ words), often additional keywords. In fact, the process is very easy and takes only a couple of minutes to create your material.

Important considerations in your SEO include the use of a keyword and the use of the keyword in the various sections of your text. You can use the destination keyword 4 times every 100 pages, and use the destination keyword in the description of your material.  The use of header tags is also a bonus inside your content. And at least one of the heading tags should include your keyword. In addition, in the introductory paragraph and at least one paragraph of your content, you can also involve your target keywords one or two times.

The use of photos in your content is another aspect that can assist with the SEO online page. You should use ALT tags on all your files. Add your target keyword to your pictures’ name and alt tag. This helps the search engines to classify your photographs as well.

It is advantageous to run a WordPress blog – simply install a plugin “Yoast SEO” on your WordPress blog if you need help improving your SEO on your site, and this free plugin will make it easy to improve your SEO on the web.

#3: Capacity for Social Share

Stronger and more common are the social media networks every day. This is exactly why you need to hop on the social networking bandwagon to make sharing material on your site convenient for your blog followers.

It is now necessary to add social sharing buttons. Any time you read the content of your blog and like it, you are tempted to access the information of your social media accounts. This lets you attract more readers and greatly expands your reach.

WordPress has a number of social sharing plugins, so you can install social sharing buttons and connect them to your blog without needing to code a line. Any common plugins, “SumoMe” and “Jetpack,” can be installed on your WordPress site. SumoMe is a collection of plugins for optimizing and tracking blog statistics. Jetpack is a suite of improvements to your WordPress blog which add extra vital features.

Implementation and Execution

The 3 core aspects of my profitable WordPress blog are key things you need to look at to enhance and generate more profit for your WordPress blog. These factors are not the only factors that can influence your blog’s performance, but they are a great way to optimize your blog to achieve better results.

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