5 Band Website Mistakes to Avoid and Why You Should Use WordPress

With several WordPress band themes available for musicians and independent bands on the internet, it makes me wonder why it is so hard for indie bands and musicians to use one of the simplest, most user-friendly website platforms.

I know that this is a big WordPress endorsement but I’m not the least embarrassed. I love and use WordPress on all my websites.

There are, of course, other websites such as Joomla, Drupal, Bandzoogle, and several more that the indie band I probably skipped today. But the fact is that none of them offers the simplicity of use, optimization of search engines, and full band access, like hosting your own exclusive WordPress band style.

Why do you want to use a WordPress theme??

We both know how hard it is in the world of music to make it, but the band website shouldn’t even be an area about which you devote too little time. You may want to have a professional item of online adhesion that you can quickly share with fans and other enigmatic forms of the music business, but you may have more time than you need to think about it.

Your band website would of course impress visitors, but it is much more critical that you can easily link to all your social media pages, update and use them. Themes from the WordPress band will help you do this and more. And all of us know that applying the sophistication of the search engine to a website can be more than enough to make a guitarist spin, but the Wordpess platform makes it so much easier to do it that not using this unbelievable medium for your attempts to promote music and bands may be an unforgivable sin.

The five most frequent mistakes of the website:

  1. Use of website architecture focused on Flash.

The forum topics of WordPress are much more user-friendly and SEO-focused. I haven’t seen too many flash websites now, so don’t give it an alternative if you’re new to the game. Flash is an assassin for mobile and search engines.

  1. Blogs hard to read. Use unsuitable backdrop colors.

The eye should be quick for your band page. A webpage for the band should be readable, easily findable, and easy to navigate.

  1. Hard touch forms and pages to find or skip.

Easily keep in contact with your followers. Learn more about you from the people who come to your blog. Creates an opportunity they’ll never overlook and who knows… for a lifetime they will enjoy you.

  1. Substance persistent and old.

Rare notifications with little or no detail about the work of you or your brand as a musician. Updating the website is simple with WordPress. It would be as easy to update your music and activities as typing a letter in Word.

  1. Failure to be clear, intent, and emphasis.

There is no simple explanation why fans should grab the website deeper. The cornerstone of a WordPress theme band is WordPress. It is an incredibly simple to operate organized content framework. The WordPress framework has been developed to make your life simple with transparency, the use of categories and themes, and powerful, integrated search engine optimization features.

With a WordPress theme, the five major website mistakes can be eliminated

So too many musicians continue to do, I only mentioned the 5 most popular website mistakes for bands. It is awfully unlucky, but these mistakes will damage your band promotion and music business, so I took the time to take a closer look at each mistake and show how you can counter this by using a well-built WordPress band website subject.

I’m sure you’ll go for a WordPress band website style instead of your current and potential band website if you appreciate how important it is to have your own band site for your networking and band promotion activities.

Mistake #1: websites based on Flash

Was Flash cool okay once? Ok… yeah, well, no. Even when I spoke to the website developers about the nuances of using Flash, this became a heated struggle. On the one hand, we are cool and, on the other, there are the consequences of bad optimization of search engines and user-friendly problems. Not to mention today’s small cell phone application. I’m pleased to learn that very few users of this design framework actually use it.

Themes of the WordPress web band typically have no flash at all. Most designs are plain, stylish, and easy to use. There is a lot of fun website themes on the market for WordPress that will make you and your guests more desirable. Moreover, your decision on the use of a WordPress website theme should be relatively simple with loading pace and convenience for fans and tourists to the music sector.

Mistake #2: Pages that are hard to read. Background color use is unreasonable

That is inappropriate. A rocket scientist does not need to realize the pink text is difficult to read on a green backdrop. For this one, I pull no punches. It’s simply dumb. Nobody would stay around long enough to see what your music is like if it is difficult to decipher your material. Don’t make that mistake. Don’t make this mistake. Still! The agreed norm of black text on a white backdrop is much easier to adhere to. The black or dark grey should be in white.

Of course, certain color combinations like dark brown may be tried out on light beige and this might also appeal to you. My argument is… don’t make reading the material difficult for travelers. The Internet is fast. If in 10-15 seconds you can’t set up a tourist… They’re finished. Make it impossible to read the material and you have no opportunity. Naturally, there are a few band site builders that, whether they are completely blatant, are uncertain, and WordPress themes aren’t great. However, most website designers follow very well the current online guidelines and their chances are just what the website physician has requested.

Trust your intuition, like all else, but never break the cardinal law of making it easier for visitors to your band’s website.

Mistake #3: Hard contact forms and pages to find or miss

Did you ever find a way to touch the band you love? You have been disappointed? Or the band director for a concert to reserve them? What if you are a leader in the music industry and would like to employ and include a song in your film project? If you’re the artist who lost out, wouldn’t that suck? It’s going to be a bet!

This is all too common, unfortunately. There are so many band places that do not have a communication mechanism, and they may lose a lot of money and jobs. It’s another of these offences that cannot be forgiven. Again, you don’t have to think about this with a WordPress website style.

The majority of Web site website themes in WordPress come with a tab about us, so it’s just an insertion of the right details about your band and organic and you’re nice to go. Moreover, too many of the plugins for the WordPress app can be installed easily and this is just a brainer. A fast scan for the right plugin for WordPress type and you can book orders in no time.

Mistake #4: Content stagnant and stale. Updates with the rare website.

It’s not at all cool. Imagine that you were a fan coming back to your favorite website over and over again to just be annoyed with their apathy for informing you of what they had accomplished. Don’t cool okay?

We all understand, of course, that Joey… maybe your cousin can’t upgrade that old school HTML band web site, but it’s a fast fix.

Move to a WordPress style and spare yourself the hassle of paying others or waiting for them to assist you. WordPress is the easiest to understand and use method for updating your music blog. You can upgrade your band web theme if you really can write a letter in Word.

And note… fresh content means repeated visits and improved returns for the search engine. Take charge of that… fast!

Mistake #5: Lack of intention and focus.

An endless band website is nothing more than a web-sphere black hole. It is possible to compare web content channels before the cows come home but one of the main reasons I’ve been selling on them for more than a decade is that WordPress band websites allow you to organize your content even better-using categories and tags.

That said, it is assured that you won’t have a straightforward, definite view of what you want on your music website… No revenues, no list construction… no money.

Only add your e-commerce plug-in ready for WordPress to PayPal and you are on the running. Heck, maybe you want even to tell fans where your next concert will be. Maybe it will be useful, no? Yup… you guessed, for that too there is a really cool “Gigpress” plugin. You will have to hook up and convince the world that you are going to play in no time.

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