7 More Strategies to Boost Author Website Traffic

It isn’t sufficient to tell a convincing sex story as erotic writers. We still ought to be master marketers. Without BFFs, the only approach you can draw fans and make them purchase your books is to sell yourself. Internet marketing is a great way to encourage you. But it’s not enough to get a website. You must also be able to manage traffic to your website.

I outlined seven ways in which you can access your blog or your author’s website. In an earlier post. Here are seven more suggestions that make you notice.

Increase competition website traffic

People are fond of winning things. I guess it’s about our inherent competition and the confidence boost that we get to beat someone else. Hosting a competition is a great way to get your website views online. However, the thing with running a competition is that the level of excitement and interest corresponds directly to what type of award you give. A large screen TV can draw more viewers than a DVD film to your website.

But even though there is just free publicity on your website, you can deal with what you have. In case of a tie with a few people participating, make sure you have a consistent set of contest rules and instructions and a backup strategy.

Get Viral

No, it’s not an illness I’m worried about. The skill of using social networks is viral marketing to get others to pass your message on. Most people believe it’s just viral ads to have their website on Digg’s front page and more videos on YouTube, but that’s just the advantage of this kind of campaign.

Viral marketing creates such fascinating content that people cannot withstand the social network sharing of others. From an amazing post to a cool video to a fun flash game, this will range from a nerve. This kind of material is a struggle to come up with. However, the endeavor is worthwhile because you will get a flood of free website traffic.

Ping all services aggregate

There are many websites on the internet that collect all the latest content on the internet. A few examples include Syndic8, Technorati, and Weblogs. The key goal is to inform your users about the issues they want to discuss. You will disseminate your content and visitors to your website by pinging these pages.

Therefore, a good explanation of the website would be impossible and it is not good to draw new buyers. To maximize your odds of obtaining a better number of clicks from prospective buyers, focus on keeping your Meta descriptions around 150-160 characters. In the same section as your page title is added, you can add a meta-description to your page with WordPress.

WordPress users should set their blogs so that the most common aggregators are automatically pinged. This can be seen on the official website of WordPress. Using a Pingoat or Blogflux Pinger tool to inform the site that you have changed your blog if you use another blog service.

Download your posts and offer free

The world is moving ever further and what better way than to capture a passage of your stories and download them to podcast directories in the entertainment on the going market. Not only can you offer prospective book readers a preview of what is available for them, but it can also be viral and boost the traffic of the website massively if the excerpt is decent enough.

Create a content video

Take an excerpt of your story and create a video from it in the same way as the last tip. Particularly when it comes to adult content you have to be careful here. Many video-sharing platforms do not permit X-rated videos, such as YouTube. Choose a non-sexual part, build a skit, and tap it on film. Make an animated video of the story if you have animation expertise. This is a means of generating focused traffic to the website for your author blog in particular.

Request Book Reviews

Connect to your blogger book reviews and invite them to review your book or certain of your platform tales. You can get free websites from people reading their blogs, as well as information about your target audience. However, be prepared. Review bloggers also get overwhelmed by demands for patience, diplomacy, and persistence. In order that the aces not be expected around the board, they will also check their jobs. If you can’t deal with scrutiny, stop this tactic in marketing.

Offline marketing commitment

Do not underestimate the importance of offline commercialization. Take an ad on print, radio spots, TV ads, networks of other authors, or fundraisers. These are just a couple of offline marketing sites that you can use to get users to your blog.

There are just a few alternative marketing strategies for the website. Using one or more of them to push the website traffic.

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