9 fundamental steps to change the website of WordPress to a new host

Don’t the operation satisfied? Don’t get your money? Doesn’t the provider have 100 percent assistance and fear data loss? Ok, you’d like your WordPress website to be moved to a different server. Don’t be worried that your site will be damaged. After the right process, you will switch your WordPress account to a new Host free of frustrations and delays. This is how. This is here.

Choose a new host WordPress

It takes time for the WordPress website to be migrated to a different server. You can take some time, then, to choose your new hosting service for WordPress. Bluehost is the perfect solution for you if you choose a shared hosting provider. In addition, you are entitled to a 50% discount. If you use cloud storage or specific services, Siteground will be the best. Not to include the country’s three data centers.

Back up the files on your site

The next big project is to back up all of your data to your site as you decide which WordPress service to use. Before making any changes to your website, note to back up your files.

Plugins to back up the files are omnipresent. You will choose your preferred plugins. You can see a simple wizard setup after you install the addon. However, brace yourself for this method using manual measures. You will then bind to your website to copy the files to a directory on a device using an FTP application. Depending on the number of content uploads on your website you can often have to complete this phase.

Migrate the site with WordPress

Don’t lose patience. Do not lose patience yet. It’s going to be smoother. Simply log in and open the phpMyAdmin program on your web server. Then pick the database from the list and click the Expert tab on the menu for your WordPress installation.

Speedy export and SQL configurations will be sufficient to migrate. When you press the Go button, the migration procedure starts. If you have completed both the database and the FTP update, you’ll be good at the next level.

Create the selected WordPress Host Server database

You do a fantastic job. See, switching the WordPress website to a different host isn’t that complicated. However, you must build a database to migrate your SQL data before finishing the migration process.

Connect the cPanel app with your new web host. In order to help you create your new database, please contact your site host support staff. You will need this later on, don’t forget to check the MySQL username and password.

Edit the file for wp-config.php

Open the folder where the files are downloaded from your website on your computer. Open wp=config.php which controls the WordPress-database relation. A copy of this file must be made on your server in another folder. Only to make sure after the modifications you will fix it. Then open the file’s original version and do three steps:

Modify the name of the database

If you see this, don’t be surprised:

Define (“DB USER,” “DB user”); DB user – this section will be defined by your old web host’s MySQL domain term. You therefore ought to change your name.

Username of the database

Switch from the old host to the new user you have just created a DB user.

Defines (‘DB USER.’ Change the section of DB user for the new user name you have just generated from your old host.

User Password change the database

Edit the third line, finally.

defines (DB USER, ‘db user’); define:

Make sure that you adapt it to your new MySQL password. Then save and close wp-config.php,

Import your base of data

Okay! Okay! Just the new database was developed. Let’s start the import process this time around.

Go to your new browser, cPanel, and open phpMyAdmin for the left sidebar folder. Select the Import tab from the navigation menu. Click File to Import and click SQL file you have previously exported. Uncheck the checkbox for Partial Import, make sure it is SQL, then press Go to begin the import process. The time to import is based on the size of the database. You will be notified that the import is done with a call.

Upload your New Host WordPress files

Start to add the files to your website after you have set up the new database. Link to your current host using the FTP software and search for the directory where your site is being stored. Upload the files in the public HTML folder whether it is primordial. The revised version of wp-config.php that has selected a remote directory is now part of your website files. It took a couple of minutes. Do not delete these files and folders simply by a reminder. It is necessary until the final move.

New URL connection and New Domain definition

Do not include the connections to other posts or pictures added explicitly by linking to a server URL that may cause the new domain to be broken to prevent problems with this phase just as some have. Run the quest and put your website in the new domain and not the former.

Host URL Change: As you look for and replace your old domain, change the site URL and house URL value of your database. This ensures that you properly lead yourself to the new domain as you log in.

Domain DNS configurations may be reconfigured

The goal line is a couple of steps down. You need to modify the DNS settings of your domain before accessing this site. You need to point the right records to the current IP address as it is on your old host. This depends, of course, on where the domain was registered. Don’t panic because you are given all the knowledge to help you succeed with your domain registrar. Up to 48 hours will be completed with DNS modifications. Within 48 hours, do not make any amendments to your platform.

You will use the latest host on your website right after 48 hours. You will now access the old host and delete the file, but save these files only in order to be secure when the transfer process has to be repeated.

As promised, it won’t make you sweat by switching your WordPress account to a new server. You will successfully complete the procedure if you follow these simple and friendly steps. If you ever need to switch your WordPress to a new host in the future again, these moves are still possible.

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