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Article ads for SEO are not anything to be afraid of. Don’t be scared of search engine optimization, to be more precise. Using internet ads, tens of thousands of people are battling it out for a spot on the very first page of Google’s performance. They’ve read a hundred techniques, spent valuable time putting those methods into practice, and then finding an essay like the one you’re reading right now. What if I told you that after reading my post on SEO article marketing, you’d be able to quit looking for solutions?

The first myth

SEO article promotion necessitates the use of apps.

I need apps to pee if SEO article marketing requires it. Since my brain is malfunctioning, I need apps to tell me what and how to eat and to change my blue jeans. There is no machine that will replace the brain. It is impossible to become a millionaire immediately. Working hard, using your brain, and being creative will earn you a five-figure salary each month.

The second myth

The Formulas of Success.

How would we know a magic formula if we don’t know what it is? This is an excellent question about which there is no solution. There are no magic codes in SEO article marketing.

The third myth

The dominance of Google.

Oh, please! I’m responding to this and my whole body is trembling! Are you joking? Is it possible for a regular citizen like you and me to control Google? What exactly is Google? Is there something to eat? Can you trust a man who is selling his dominance system? In the field of internet marketing, there is no such thing as dominance. There are approaches, and we’re discussing them here.

1st reality

Quality, creativity, motivation, willpower, and, most importantly, self-confidence. We realize that when we use SEO article marketing, we are taking advantage of the PageRank of article directories. As a result, we concentrate on report folders.

2nd reality

Keyword analysis tools aren’t needed for SEO article marketing. Is there a superior keyword platform than Google’s? The Internet marketing game was created by Google. Are you sure about your spending? Article marketing for SEO only necessitates a methodical approach.

3rd reality

If you wrote two articles a day, you could boost your SEO article marketing. Whenever you want to play, make a connection wheel solely for the purpose of experimenting.

4th reality

Article ads for SEO and online advertising, in general, are also risky endeavors. You will never stop if you begin, so I recommend enrolling in online universities such as Wealthy Affiliate University—you will learn more and gain more. Do it now, when you’re just getting started; then, you’ll realize how much time you wasted due to your suspicion, and you’ll be sorry.

5th reality

Quality, not quantity, is needed for SEO article marketing. And don’t forget that you have the ability to do things you don’t think you can. I’m not the kind of person who does something just to make you happy. I’m just stating the facts.

1st phase

Appropriate keyword research; identify your niche within niche within a niche. What does this imply? It implies that you would seek out unique crowds. The target audience is not “weight loss,” but we might suggest “how to lose weight for the wedding” in this case. I believe you understand what I mean by the whole keyword sentence.

2nd phase

You must eliminate competition in order to obtain the best SEO article marketing efficiency. I’m not sure how I’m going to get out of the competition. Enter the keyword term into Google, enclose it in quotes, and press the search button. If there are more than 5.000 cited scores, forget about it and try a different keyword. Please continue if the figures are less than 5.000. A score of less than 1.000 is ideal.

This isn’t the end of SEO article marketing; you always learned that, so let’s move on.

3rd phase

Take the keyword term to Google and type it in under cited results to see whether an EzineArticle or an article from another article directory appears on the first page of Google. Can you happen to come across some EzineArticles? If that’s the case, you’ll need to add your article to another folder, or, if you’re like me and prefer EzineArticles, you’ll need to come up with a new keyword term. If there are no articles from article directories in the results, we will move forward.

4th phase

To get the best results from SEO article marketing, you must first eradicate all “possible” rivalry. How are we going to do it? Go to Google and do the same thing about your targeted keyword expression. Presently, in your browser, open a new page. Go to Google and type in yahoo web explorer, then click the first connection that appears. Return to your previous location and access the first page from Google’s first list of results. Please bear with me; SEO article markets require that you do so, and you must be patient.

Take the sites to connect and paste it into Yahoo Site Explorer, then press the search button. You’ll see something like “Inlinks” next to the results. Take a look at the figure to see how you can beat it. Are you ready to put in a lot of effort on your landing page? Are you able to put in extra effort and publish more posts in order to outnumber his links? Then you’re fine. Check the 2nd or 3rd answer if you see numbers like 10.000 links. If you see thousands of results again, try a different keyword. Our goal is to take the first place, not the first. If you see 40 links and can’t beat them, you should be ashamed of yourself. Article promotion for SEO is a work in progress. Let it happen.

5th phase

You must change your writing style in order to enhance SEO article marketing. That means you’ll need to keep your keyword density between 1% and 2% for 450-650 words. Often, there must be a pause between each use of the same keyword. SEO article promotion necessitates a strategy. You must comprehend how things work.

6th phase

Are you sure you’re done? Article marketing for SEO is a never-ending process! We’ve only just begun. Now open accounts with social marker, Yahoo bookmarks, Google bookmarks, Digg, delicious, Mixx, and StumbleUpon, and social bookmark your post! This could take a bit more effort. If you’re able to put in more effort, go to and build as many social bookmarking pages as you can before submitting your post. This is a heavy backlinking technique that is only semi-effective. We’re using social media to our benefit, and it’s working. Article promotion for SEO has never been better. If you think this is a lot of work, go practice AdWords instead.

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