Do you want to learn how to make money online by writing?

When I first decided to make money writing online, it was because I wanted the opportunity to be my own manager, work from home, and do what I already enjoyed. I only had one problem: I had no idea where to begin. It took me a solid five years to get enough consistent jobs to keep me financially secure and continue to better my quality of living.

In this post, I’ll share some of the stuff I discovered in my search to live a successful life and earn a living doing what I enjoy – blogging.

  1. Choose a niche

There are so many opportunities available when you think, “I want to make money writing online,” that it can be very overwhelming. Blogging, copywriting, SEO writing, advertising, essay writing, ghostwriting, professional writing, and other forms of writing are all available. Throughout my freelance career, I’ve done all of these things, and it’s fair to assume that most people will finally venture out in order to build a more diverse portfolio and client list. When you’re first starting out, though, it’s important to have a niche.

When I first started out, I didn’t have a specialty, which meant I was searching for every position I could find. Then, when I reached a niche, I discovered it was much easier to get a job. My specialty is branding and publicity copywriting, which involves creating logos, tag lines, corporate titles, and product names, as well as writing advertising copy such as brochures, documents, and commercials.

I discovered that I preferred writing short copy to write lengthy papers or ghostwriting whole novels. Because of my growing success in that particular niche, I was eventually able to charge a lot of money for small tasks that didn’t take me too long.

Start deciding what you’ll do when you first set out. Grow your portfolio in that way and focus on finding certain kinds of work if you want to write papers on topics that concern you. Grow your portfolio in that path if you intend to write scripts. Just don’t be one of those people who are saying, “I’ll do it all,” because being selective is easier – the riches are in niches.

  1. Bid for Jobs on a Daily Basis

However, in order to make more money writing online, you must first find work, which is the most difficult challenge most people face, so I’ll send you a list of places that I use on a daily basis:


Elance is my go-to resource, which is why it’s first on this list. It is the easiest way to look for writing work on the internet. If you’ve never used Elance before, it works like this: people need jobs done, so they post what they need and a budget (let’s say between $500 and $1,000), and people like you send applications for those jobs.

One of the main reasons that freelancers don’t get as much work off of Elance as I do is that they don’t offer it every day. They’ll log in a couple of times a week to bid on a few jobs. If you really wish to be competitive, you must bid every day because new positions are advertised on a daily basis.


My second in command is Guru. In all of these pages, I am a participant. I don’t get almost as much work on Guru as I do on Elance, but I still bid on both every day. This guarantees that I have a steady supply of customers and revenue on a regular basis. You would never be able to make a decent life at home without this continuous trickle of ventures.

It doesn’t help if you’re brand new to the actual writing and have little clue what you’re doing when it comes to creating money writing online; the only way you’ll earn money is to keep bidding for work and getting consistent customers. You should start raising your rates as your portfolio grows and diversifies. After a while, your Guru and Elance member ranks will rise, customers will approach you based on referrals, and after six months, you’ll have the steady work you need to be competitive and truly making a living writing online.

  1. Avoid jobs that need a lot of writing

Many people suggest that you write for websites that cost between $2 and $10 per 300 to 500-word post. This seems to be a fantastic deal at first; they’ll tell you that if you write 20 papers per day, you’ll make $200 a day.

This is the very worst action you can do. First and foremost, the money isn’t worth the effort. Writing is an artistic field, and the imagination can’t just produce ideas like a factory. For a bit, I sought these types of occupations, but they burnt me out and made me despised my career. Most people who are making money writing online mistakenly believe that this is their only choice. It’s not the case. You should be able to earn $200 for an hour of work as a journalist.

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